Updated March 1, 2021

Dear Customer,

This is the official website for Royal Bison Co. LLC, which was a wedding videography business which is now going through the dissolution process due to insolvency. If this website is ever down, it is due to technical difficulties and should not cause alarm. Despite false allegations made in some places online, Royal Bison Co. LLC only took payments with the intention to provide videography services and only for calendar dates which the company could provide services. The company was ill-prepared for circumstances that arose in the year 2020, including mass cancellations, postponements, and employees/contractors impacted by COVID-19, and the company is now taking necessary steps to find a solution for affected customers.

On a previous version of this website, Royal Bison Co. LLC asked for customers to submit their mailing address so that they could be contacted about the company's dissolution and the necessary steps to file claims with the company. If you never submitted your address, you may contact the company's representing law firm at the address listed below:

Green Legal Group, P.C.
6900 South 900 East, Suite 250
Midvale, Utah 84047

If you already submitted your address, please be patient as the dissolution is in progress it may take time for you to receive the letter and information about your next steps.

Due to previous incidents of company associates receiving threats and harassment, please do not directly contact Brett Simper, who was the principal owner of Royal Bison Co. LLC, or any of his family or associates. Additionally, please do not contact Sadie Simper or her company Sadie Simper Designs as there is no business related connection between her/her business and Brett Simper/Royal Bison Co. LLC.

Green Legal Group, P.C. is assisting the company in the dissolution process. Any communication sent towards Royal Bison Co. LLC or the individuals listed here will be directed to Green Legal Group. However, the best way to ensure that communication is received about any issue you have is to contact Green Legal Group, P.C. directly.

Thank you for your patience as a solution for everyone is in progress.